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Outreach Programs - Visual Arts

Workshop Details

  • artHalf day or full day workshops
  • One to ten days of workshop programming
  • Implementation of many of the curriculum expectations from the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines for the Arts - Visual Arts
  • Designed to link with many curriculum themes or subject areas
  • Workshops can be adjusted to work within any space or environment
  • Activities can be adjusted to accommodate any age/grade level of students
  • Workshops can accommodate 8-35 students
  • Fees per artist: $75 per day or $50 per half day workshop (some material fees may apply)

Workshop Choices

Drawing & Painting

Fantasy Landscapes

This drawing and painting workshop employs the imagination by exploring innovative approaches to line and colour using images of nature as subject. Integrating both unpredictable and regular classroom supplies, students will create unique and abstract painted landscapes.

Graffiti Wall

This contemporary form of artmaking approaches art as a form of communication. Large scale, painted panels that convey a message or theme, chosen by the participating school/organization, can be installed onto a wall space temporarily or permanently.



Styrofoam Printmaking

Create beautiful multi-coloured prints using vibrant inks and textured styrofoam printing plates. Through demonstrations and discussion, students will gain a general understanding of the processes involved in the creation of the printed image.


Mixed Media

Self Portrait Collage

Examine the countless possibilities working in the art of collage. By employing a wide variety of materials, including recycled; students are given the opportunity to explore textures and surfaces that are unique and inspiring. This multi-disciplinary approach integrates photography, painting, collage and drawing with the concept of self-portraiture.


Mask Making

Interesting techniques and concepts of mask making will be demonstrated including symmetrical design, paper sculpture and scoring methods. Using cultural references such as, ancient civilizations and North West Coast Indigenous People, to name only a few, students will design three-dimensional masks that generate emotion and movement.


Plaster Sculpture

Participants will construct creative forms, such as animals, architectural structures or plant life, using a variety of materials. Demonstrated techniques employ materials such as found objects, foil and plaster strips. Students will gain a better understanding of the elements of form and space, as well as general concepts of assemblage sculpture.

Clay Construction

This workshop focuses on hand-building techniques used in clay construction. Students are given the opportunity to work with earthenware clay and low fire glazes to create unique clay pieces. Students are introduced to the process involved in working with clay - construction, drying, glazing and firing. Please note: Added costs are applied to this workshop.


Mural Making

Mural Making

This workshop involves multiple days, where students design and paint panels that relate to a variety of chosen themes. Single or multi-paneled murals can be designed and installed permanently on any wall surface. The mural's imagery and composition are developed in co-operation with the school or organization and the involved artist. This workshop choice can be designed to involve one class or up to the entire school's or organization's population (depending on the size and details of the request).


Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation

This hands-on approach engages students in a variety of activities that focus on visual literacy. Discussions and activities include a slide presentation of professional artwork, and activities involving printed art historical images. Students will develop an appreciation for artmaking and awareness of the basic language and/or theories behind visual arts practices.