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Outreach Programs - Drama

Workshop Details

  • stage doorHalf day or full day workshops
  • One to ten days of workshop programming
  • Implementation of many of the curriculum expectations from the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines for the Arts - Drama and Dance
  • Designed to link with many curriculum themes or subject areas
  • Workshops can be adjusted to work within any space or environment
  • Exercises can be adjusted to accommodate any age/grade level of students
  • Workshops can accommodate 8-35 students
  • Fees per artist: $75 per day or $50 per half day workshop (some material fees may apply)

Workshop Choices

Clowning & Character

Everyone has a Clown

Voice, movement and improvisation will be used to assist students in developing their own unique characters. Learning ways of interacting and responding to each other's characters in the development of a scene will also be introduced.

Discover your Clown

This workshop focuses on developing characters, as well as their various stories and situations. Students will see how costumes and props can affect their character and enhance certain qualities. Creative movement, mime, voice work, improvisation and commedia dell' arte will all be utilized in creating a final presentation.


Creative Movement & Story Interpretation

Body Tales

Using music, poetry and story, students will learn to respond and react through creative movement. The focus will be on expressing ideas, thoughts and stories through physical gestures and creative movements.

Interpreting Fairytales & Myths

Using fairytales and myths as the starting point for this fun and active workshop, students will create tableaux pictures, movement pieces and musical interpretations, all around fairytales and myths. In groups, children explore their own interpretations of these well-known tales as performance pieces. Props and costumes will be utilized.


The Mask & Character Development

Who's Behind that Mask

Students will have the opportunity to create their own mask and then develop the character that stands behind the mask. Movement, voice, characterization, improvisation and performance strategies will all be part of this highly interactive workshop. Mask characters will be introduced in a final presentation.

The Masked Clown

This workshop will introduce students to the different types of masks used through time in both ritual and performance. Participants will have the opportunity to try working with some of these masks, as well as, create their own individual mask. Masked characters will be developed through exercises incorporating movement, voice, improvisation, commedia dell'arte and characterization. These original characters will be introduced in a final performance, which will allow all the partcipants to interact.


Puppets All Around

Students will learn the fundamentals of puppetry. Creating unique characters, puppet manipulation and story creation will all be part of this fun and highly interactive workshop. Students will construct their own simple puppet.



Creating a Story

Students will learn elements of creating a play or story presentation using improvisational exercises. Character, situation, tactics, objectives and interaction will be just some of the elements used to create unique scenes.


What's in a Play?

Improvisational exercises will be the starting point in this workshop implementing creative thinking. The five W's of a story (who, what, where, when and why) will all be explored, while students create their own scenes incorporating theme, situation, character, plot and story development. Different ways of staging and the presentation of these stories will be explored in this interactive workshop.


Scene Study & Script Work

Scenes in Action

While learning how to work with a script, students will explore, character, situations, objectives, beats, rhythm and performance techniques.

The Actor's Workshop

In this intensive and interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to monologue and scene work. While learning how to work with the written word, students will explore, character, situations, objectives, beats, rhythm, improvisation and various performance techniques. Students will gain a better understanding of the actor's process – auditioning, rehearsing and performing – and create a final presentation.


Musical Theatre

Act, Sing and Dance

Students will be introduced to all the elements of musical theatre in this performance-based workshop. Using an existing musical, students will explore script work, choreography, singing, improvisation and character development. The role of the actor and the audience will be discussed, while participants gain an appreciation of the professional aspects of the art form.