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Outreach Programs - Music

Workshop Details

  • musical noteHalf day or full day workshops
  • One to ten days of workshop programming
  • Implementation of many of the curriculum expectations from the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines for the Arts - Music
  • Designed to link with many curriculum themes or subject areas
  • Workshops can be adjusted to work within
    any space or environment
  • Exercises can be adjusted to accommodate any age/grade level of students
  • Workshops can accommodate 8-35 students
  • Fees per artist: $75 per day or $50 per half day workshop (some material fees may apply)

Workshop Choices


The Songs We Sing

Children will explore beat and rhythm, while learning how music communicates thoughts, feelings and messages. Using parts of the body, as well as their own voices, students will learn the elements of creating a song and, in turn, create their own fun and imaginative musical pieces.

A Cappella Bands

Students will learn how voices can be used to create sounds like instruments and then arrange their own piece of music to perform in a cappella style. The class will be taught the importance of vocal warmups, posture and breathing techniques, while learning about pitch, phrasing, and harmony.



The Sounds We Play

Using percussion instruments, like boomwhackers, sticks, drums, tambourines and bells, students will begin to understand the elements for creating patterns in music. Through improvisational and conducted music, students will learn about timing, rhythm, beat and expressing feeling and emotion through music.


African Roots

Students will listen to, perform and discuss African music and culture, as it relates to the popular music of today. They will demonstrate knowledge of the major characteristics of African music and will learn to recognize those characteristics through a series of listening exercises. The workshop will conclude with a concert where students will perform.


Vocal & Percussion

A Pocket Full of Rhymes

Using well-known Nursery Rhymes, students will explore rhythmic and melodic patterns, loud and soft dynamics and the elements of communication through music.The words will be the springboard into creating creative movement, vocal and musical pieces, using percussion instruments.The class performs their final creations at the end of the day.

Words We Can Sing

Poetry can be lyrical in nature and therefore, serve as the inspiration for a musical piece. Students will explore pattern, rhythm, beat and emotion in poetry and then create their own poetic pieces. From these creations, groups of children will create their own musical interpretations using the spoken and the singing voice, as well as percussion instruments. Musical creations will be performed at the end of the day.


Musical Theatre

Students will be introduced to the elements of musical theatre in this performance-based workshop. Using an existing musical, students will explore script work, choreography, singing, improvisation and character development. The role of the actor and the audience will be presented, while participants gain a better appreciation of professional aspects of the art form.

Creating Myths

Students will interpret the mood, feelings, colours and beats of musical pieces and stories, using their body and voice as the impetuous in creating a mythical performance piece. Individual and group work will be explored, as well as the use of props and set pieces.


Music & Visual Art

The Sounds We Found

During this workshop students will create their own instruments with found objects. Using the instruments, the class will write their own music and perform their compositions. Students will learn about sound production and how different types of instruments create sound.

The Colour of Music

Students will discuss the relationship between colour in art and music. They will analyze and create artwork and then use the work to compose music that clearly demonstrates the colours portrayed in their creations. This workshop will conclude with a concert where students perform their original music.


Music Appreciation

Music Then & Now

Through a fun and imaginative assortment of games, physical exercises, visuals and musical pieces, students will explore various types of music throughout history and learn about the historical significance of the music then and now.